Mats Choice Skills

- Dec 07, 2017 -

When we choose mats in the mat manufacturers, we should consider the price factors, besides, the moisture-proof and anti fouling capacity of the mat, as well as whether it is easy to clean.

If the home is geothermal heating, must not be used with the adhesive pad, because the rubber surface may melt with heat and damage to the ground, will emit harmful gases, it is best to use cotton, superfine fiber, imitation silk class mats, more environmental protection and safety. If it is cotton, acrylic, synthetic microfiber material mats are machine washable, but should pay attention to if the pad back is the glue surface or with glue, it is best to use manual scrubbing, coir class can only use the broom upside down or knock out dust.

Generally, indoor floor mat can restrain excess dust and moisture and protect indoor floor. If the floor mat with rubber bottom is used, the bottom is not easy to bend and deform, providing better skid proof function.

  • EVA Judo Mats
  • Wrestling Gym Mats
  • Roll Out Wrestling Mats
  • Gym Wall Padding
  • Folding Fitness Mats
  • Height MMA Cage

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