Judo Mats Are Important Materials For The Protection Of Students In The Judo Hall

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Judo pad is an important material, the protection of Judo students Judo pad, but because of the special structure of the chamber and fixed size of Judo pad, a mosaic behind the demolition, Judo exercise mat mat Judo manufacturers, will make the laying after leave some leftover materials. So how do these edges and corners use?

Most people will throw away these leftover materials. Judo mats will be used to produce judo mattress manufacturers. In fact, we can leave part of these leftover materials, which is also useful. Because when there are some gaps between the judo mattress and the wall and Liang Zhu when laying, we don't need to waste a judo pad. We can use these leftover materials to fill and splice. The cost of the judo mat is saved, and some spare parts can be kept, such as the damaged cushion can be filled and replaced, and the cost of repair is reduced.

Therefore, we hope that we can make full use of the leftover material of the judo mat, turn waste into treasure, and reduce waste.

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