Judo Mat How To Maintain And Use

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The joint of the judo mat is small, no degumming and foaming. The overall effect of the judo mattress is smooth and beautiful. The elasticity and skid resistance meet the requirements of judo competition and training. It helps athletes to give full play to the level of judo skills and tactics and comply with the stipulation standard of judo competition.

Judo mat material with special Judo game pad leather, anti slip mat pattern. In accordance with the requirements of judo, two kinds of elastic and elastic high elastic foam rubber, molding technology, and standard professional judo mats are used. Judo special Dutch leather jacket, Judo pad, high density compressed sponge core, elastic, moderate hardness, is Judo site will use a protective pad. Adhesive technology, bottom with foam antiskid pad, hot angle. The side can be clasp, easy to connect. Standard site for 14*14m, red 18, green 80 match standard judo mats. It can be designed according to the actual site. Can also be used as a family of tatami mats.

The area of the judo pad is 14 meters by 14 meters, 16 meters by 16 meters, and the color is usually green. The site is divided into two regions, where there should be a 1 meter wide, usually red danger zone. The danger zone is parallel to the surrounding area and forms part of the entire field. The dangerous area, including the dangerous area, is called the competition area, with a small area of 8 meters by 8 meters and 10 meters by 10 meters. Outside the danger zone, it is called a safety zone with a width of 3 meters (not less than 25 meters). In the central area of the competition area, 4 meters away from the center should mark 25 and 6 centimeters of blue and white marks respectively, indicating the position of the competitors at the beginning of the competition and the end of the competition. The blue sign is on the right of the referee, and the white sign is on the left of the referee. When two or more than two adjacent venues are used, a safe area of 1 not less than 3 meters is allowed to be shared between two sites.

Judo cushion packaging exquisite surface smoothness, roughness, abrasion resistance, adhesion and performance of corrugated, Judo mat factory match Judo mat, have important effects on packaging implementation, need to use a special instrument for measuring. Suitable properties include ink absorbency, printing smoothness, surface homogeneity, compressibility, water resistance, dimensional stability, surface strength and opacity. The above way packaging is the finished product we see.

The judo mat is paid attention to in daily use if it prevents the surface from being scraped and scald. Judo mat in the factory did not put insecticide mothproof treatment, bring harm to Judo cushion and a part of human body, reduce the pressure of cleaning. Judo mat on the stains should be cleaned, a long time will be difficult to remove, thorough cleaning and disinfection mat Judo regularly from two to three months, to ensure the health of the user.

Along with the people to enhance the awareness of safety, now learning Judo mat more and more friends, whether it is from the point of view of fitness, or as a method of self-protection, Judo are accepted and learning, so the use of Judo pad rates continue to improve.

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