How To Distinguish The Good Or Bad Of Taekwondo Mats

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Usually the quality of the road mat on top of the logo, after all, big brands are guaranteed. But how to judge some of the taekwondo mats that have no brand? In fact, you can judge according to the elasticity of the cushion, taekwondo mat is not the softer the better, the focus is to see the elasticity. When you buy, you can use your heels to stomp on the road mat. If you fall back, you will get back to the original state. That's a good Taekwondo cushion. If the cushion is very soft, but a long time to get up, it is suggested that you still do not buy such a cushion, the quality will not be good.

A lot of friends after training, because feel very tired, many friends like to lie on the top after training, and friends ask if they can sleep on the taekwondo mat for a long time. Do you sleep on the floor of the Taekwondo pad for a long time? In fact, small series suggest that you try not to sleep in the taekwondo mat mat, because the taste of the big, long time will affect the body, if not long after drying can also taste it; then lying on the ground with uncomfortable, and very close to the ground moisture cold easily into the body, taekwondo mat although in the above step feeling is soft, but really lie above or hard, side lying still feeling a little better, if it is really flat, very tired. If you really want to sleep above, under the multi pad layers, and then put a blanket on what, add a pillow, it'd be much more comfortable.

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