EVA Foam Materials Used In The Production Process

- Dec 07, 2017 -

EVA foam material is a new material with high quality and environmental protection. It is used as lining, shoe material, bag material, car wash brush, handicraft, and widely used, mainly because EVA foam is very plastic and easy to punch hot press. But the relative price is higher than the low quality and low stability rubber and plastic products. EVA foam material is produced by material EVA mat filler, foaming agent, crosslinking agent, foaming agent, lubricant, accessories: Scrap, antistatic agent, flame retardant, ripening agent, coloring agent, after gluing machine to convert the raw materials into soft, after the soft rubber roller machine pressed into flake, in the sheet material into the flat foam mold inside, after 160 to 170 degrees high temperature, foaming, this process is made out of sheet, after cutting machine out of desired size and thickness.

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