Boxing Sandbag

BOXING SANDING Used range MMA,boxing,martial arts,wrestling,grappling,sanda,free combat,fitness studios,sports work. MMA & boxing Heavy Sand punch bags contains high quality of PVC vinyl and fill the material with high resilience. Boxing Sand bags apply to certain level of training...

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Durable design, designed to withstand the most demanding training. Provides maximum power dispersion and is a great choice for gym or home use. Filled with broken textiles, it provides amazing cushioning and protects the wrists and hands while quickly returning to its original shape. Double-layer durability with shredded textile filler for long-term use. It can be used outdoors and is made of waterproof material. When used with a tether strap, the tether loop facility at the bottom of the punch bag ensures minimal swing.



The boxing bag is suitable for training athletes to a certain extent. Under the premise of ensuring sports standards and speed, the quality, speed and strength of the sports are further improved, just like the pace of coordination between the pace and the legs.




Sand punch bags


High quality PVC





Note:can customized


Boxing is good for keeping fit. The research results show that in the boxing exercise, the human body's abdomen, waist and buttocks keep moving, not only can fully burn the excess fat in the body, but also can reasonably and effectively sculpture the muscles of various parts of the body. Make it more perfect.
A modern man who works long hours in front of a computer. The back and neck often have soreness, and boxing has a special health effect for these long-term work.
Because the sport requires a high concentration of spirits, it can learn to control emotions, is not easy to be impatient, and the sleep condition is obviously improved. It can also regulate the endocrine of the human body.




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