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YOGA MATS ECO Yoga mats eco is one green and tasteless yoga mat,this is necessary to healthy people. Yoga mats material Tpe is the best environmentally material than PVC and NBR,TPE YOGA MATS have high density and can use long time. Durable PVC with a non-slip suiface ,Antibacterial test and...

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The production cost is relatively high, the production process is high, and the industry has high barriers to entry. The product quality is good, elastic enough, soft and anti-slip effect. It is plastic-free and easy to decompose. It is a relatively promising product and is very popular among environmentalists.

The advantage is that it meets the national environmental protection standards and can be recycled. It will not pollute the environment. TPE is environmentally friendly and has no odor.

TPE is an environmentally friendly material that is recyclable, recyclable and reduces pollution. TPE yoga mats are mainly characterized by good elasticity, good anti-slip effect, good toughness and strong tension.

Product Detail:




Color: pink/purple/green,can customed;

Packing: Shrink wrap with color paper and packed into carton;


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