Jump Box Exercise

jump box exercise For the fitness enthusiast, it’s a great time to be alive. We’re at the peak of the industry’s information age, with purportedly new training techniques cropping up everywhere we look. this is good. What’s not so good, however, is when people take these techniques into the gym...

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Jump box movement
For fitness enthusiasts, this is a good time to live. We are at the peak of the industry information age, and new training techniques are said to have emerged everywhere we see. This is good. However, when people bring these technologies into the gym and use them in the wrong way, it's not so good.

Standing in a moving position, feet and shoulders are wide and maintain a comfortable distance from the box.
As you prepare to jump, quickly descend to a quarter of a squat, then stretch your hips, swing your arms, and push your feet onto the floor and push yourself onto the box.
Don't "stick" to your landing. Instead, imagine the way the cat landed when it jumped from something - you should also try to land quietly.

The jump box is a compound multi-joint exercise. Just like the exercises like bench press and squat, when you work at 90% of the maximum, you won't be able to perform three sets of 10 at this intensity.
During the explosive training, a jump is performed at a very challenging altitude, 1-3 times per group.
This is an all-out action, so it's completely restored between groups, just as you get the most power in speed training or underarms.




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