Wrestling mat packing precautions

- Dec 07, 2017 -

A wrestling mat transport need to pay attention to the problem and not many, not afraid of bump damage, but not broken, keep smooth put together, mat in the factory before and after packaging to the factory, we usually see the appearance of the package is made of transparent plastic packaging paper packaging, let the user from the outside can see the quality of the mat. At the same time for the user to easily identify and attract people with colorful appearance eye pad.

A wrestling mat packaging exquisite surface smoothness, roughness, abrasion resistance, adhesion and performance of corrugated packaging, has an important impact on the implementation of the special instrument. Printability including ink, printing surface smoothness, uniformity, compressibility, water resistance, dimensional stability, the surface strength and opacity, using the above method is that we see the finished packaging.

Many of the advantages of wrestling mats have been said before. For example, weatherability, chemical resistance, buffering, sound absorption, and superior adhesion and so on.

This kind of ground cushion is soft and hard, not only supports the normal force of the practitioner, but also protects the Taekwondo practitioner. However, with the development of China's cities, the floor building is getting higher and higher, so fire prevention has become a arduous task. In fact, the judo mats are developing in this direction.

Because the early foam mat, not only the production technology does not pass through, has the certain toxic volatile matter, moreover extremely flammable. After burning, a large number of toxic gases will be produced.

Sports, for the users, to ensure the safety of consumers. In the use of high quality EVA as the base material, at the same time, continuous research and development, providing production technology.

Now, the latest taekwondo mat will add a certain proportion of fireproof materials, and strengthen the flame-retardant properties of the ground mat, so as to produce a judo pad with certain fireproof performance.

The gymnastic mat, as its name implies, is the cushion used for the gymnasts. It is mainly to play the role of protection.  Now the classification of gymnastic mats in the industry is not particularly specific and meticulous.

According to the classification of the market, the gymnastic mats are generally divided into:

Folding gymnastic mat: a foldable gymnastic mat, which is mainly made of sponges.

Common gymnastic mat: it is our common gymnastic mat, mainly with sponges as filling material, with the thickened general thickness of more than 20cm;

Special gymnastic mats, such as taekwondo mats produced.

Other gymnastic mats: some places will include yoga mats in the ranks of the gymnastic mats.

The first: corrosion mothproof, environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic harmless, water does not rot is not bad, not afraid of insects.

Second: sound insulation and noise reduction - ---- eliminate ground noise and create quiet space.

Third: easy to install, save cost - a big Taekwondo Hall, a taekwondo floor mat is much cheaper than other ground paving.

Judo cushion elastic soft, comfortable, safety and antiskid, can effectively prevent slipping accident.

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