Sponge pad in sponge padding presentation

- Dec 07, 2017 -

We all know the main protection of the judo mat for the athletes, which can not be done without the sponge filling inside.

1, judo mattress is made of recycled sponge: it is a new product, its use value is no less than sponge, it is crushed and stirred by sponge waste material, and glue water steam is sterilized and molded at high temperature. The price is low, and the cost of production is greatly reduced from cost. The effect is good elasticity, good resistance, good taste and no odor. It can be made according to the needs of customers.

2, silica gel sponge: silica gel inorganic silica gel and organic silica gel, which is the main component of inorganic silica gel silica, is a kind of made of silica in sodium silicate and sulfuric acid amorphous machine manufactured goods. It is a granular or bead shaped mineral that is washed and processed in the nature of the mineral. Its structure is very similar to a sponge body. It consists of a connected pore to form a large surface area capillary adsorption system, which can adsorb and store water vapor. Under the condition of the humidity of 100%, it can adsorb and coagulate a water vapor equal to 40% of its weight. Silica gel is safe, highly safe, non-toxic and non corrosive. It is widely used in making sofa, mattress, boss chair and sports equipment, such as sponge gymnastics mat, sponge gym mat, sponge wrestling mat, sponge car cushion and so on.

Regenerated sponges and silica gel sponges are two kinds of sponge materials with good performance and wide application, and they can not be found in the padding of the judo mats.

The judo competition site is paved with collapsing implants or similar materials like collapsing implants. The area is 14 meters by 14 meters, and is 16 meters by 16 meters, and the color is usually green. The site is divided into two regions, where there should be a 1 meter wide, usually red danger zone. The danger zone is parallel to the surrounding area and forms part of the entire field. The dangerous area, including the dangerous area, is called the competition area. The area is 8 meters by 8 meters, and it is 10 meters by 10 meters.  Outside the danger zone, it is called a safety zone and a judo pad with a width of 3 meters (not less than 2.5 meters). In the central area of the competition area, 4 meters away from the center should mark 25 and 6 centimeters of blue and white marks respectively, indicating the position of the competitors at the beginning of the competition and the end of the competition. The blue sign is on the right of the referee, the price of the judo mat, the market of the judo mat, and the white mark on the left of the referee. When using two or more adjacent venues, the judo mat and judo mat offer is allowed to share 1 1 or less than 3 meters safety area between two sites.

The special Judo game pad leather, anti slip mat pattern.  According to the requirements of judo, two kinds of elastic and elastic high elastic foam glue and molding process are adopted, which indicate that the standard professional competition is used in judo mats. Judo special Dutch leather jacket, high density compressed sponge core, elastic, moderate hardness, is Judo site will use a protective pad. The competition judo pad is fixed with the adhesive technology, the bottom is added with foam antiskid pad, and the corner is ironed. The side can be clasp, easy to connect. The standard site is 14 x 14 meters, red 18, green 80 match standard judo mats.

The judo mats are also called taekwondo mats, taekwondo floors, taekwondo pads, and wrestling pads, made of EVA plastic particles and pigments (color Masterpieces). With good cushioning and shockproof effect, it has a protective effect on the practitioner, and its surface uses a variety of patterns at the same time as antiskid.

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