Judo pads are widely used and warm up games

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Quality: the export quality of the judo mat is in line with the import and export standards. The demand is large and the shape of the ground is more complex. Please draw the graphic drawings for us to make it more accurate. Cost calculation: we calculate the cost according to the area of the material and the complexity of the workmanship.

The judo pad is widely used in:

(1) family fitness, fitness sites, children's rooms, is the best choice to protect the safety of the family.

(2) it is suitable for children's amusement parks, kindergartens, and parents and children's early teaching activities, which are the necessary supplies for kindergartens, children's amusement places and children's parent-child gardens.

(3) primary and secondary school sports equipment area, comprehensive fitness path area, fitness club, shooting field, gymnastic field, etc.

A warm-up game using a small gymnastic mat

In the case of 41 students in each class, the 23 small mats were folded into different shapes in the range of about 40m.  Such as round, rectangle, ring, etc. After the start of the game the students a road column curve jogging, running in the collective can sing the school song, can do traveling between calisthenics and various movements, and listen to the different signals of teachers, such as changing the direction of running quickly hear the whistle, hear the teacher password 1, quickly grab a mat, sit down to the mat for the winner. In the competition, we can seize the opportunity and consciously create opportunities for the students who are not able to sit on the cushion and let them enjoy the happiness of success. The game can be used and created flexibly, and teachers can be based on the number of people and the number of mats. In the combination of men and women, the enthusiasm of the students is very high. The number of small cushion than a small number of blocks, the game did not grab the mat will be eliminated, the provisions of the times and time, to see which group the rest of the team to win.

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