Judo mat production steps

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Judo game pad pad pad Judo Judo, training, competition and training Judo Judo pad pad are not the same as what place, I say to you about it, Judo pad training requirements for soft, but not too soft, because members of the training are beginners, if Judo pad is too hard, the students fall feel very painful, so we use the Judo pad training requires a certain degree of hardness also has certain elasticity, Judo cushions for game is not the same, the game players are very professional, Judo mat in hardness must reach the standard, so as to let the players play a real level. So there are a lot of Judo pad specifications and dimensions, be sure to consult with Haixing County sports equipment factory customer service when you buy, we will give you detailed explanation of Judo pad function and what kind of soft The mat suits you.

  • EVA Judo Mats
  • Wrestling Gym Mats
  • Soft Plyo Jump Box
  • EVA Interlocking Mats
  • Folding Crash Mats
  • XPE Material

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