Judo mat is not softer the better it

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Taekwondo is a sport with strong intensity and intense confrontation. Moreover, most of the trainers' clothes are bare and bare. Most of them are barefoot exercises, so it is inevitable that they will fall and bruise in the training process. The hard floor is very painful. In order to better protect Taekwondo, many Taekwondo museums and playing fields are now paved with judo mats. Judo mats are made of compound rubber material. They have good elasticity. Moreover, in order to enhance the skid resistance function, setting different lines on the judo mat can be regarded as a good protective sports mat. But some people think the softer the better when buying pads, the results are not ideal when they are used. Judo mat manufacturer

In fact, the softer judo mattress doesn't mean that its elasticity is good. If it is too soft, it will not be able to restore its original shape for a long time, indicating its poor quality. Such a cushion will soon lose its function if it is too soft. If you stamp your feet on the taekwondo mat, if you fall back, you will get back to the original state. It's a good track mat. This cushion is springy and comfortable. There are signs on the good Taekwondo pads. Of course, the big brands will not be bad. This reminds you of the choice of brand products when buying judo mats.

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