High jump pad and high jump training

- Dec 07, 2017 -

High jump, as a track and field sport, requires an athlete to have a powerful explosive force. There is a high requirement for the isokinetic muscle strength of the knee joint, and special intensive training is needed. China's high jumpers and the world's excellent jumpers are significantly less than those of the world's top speed players in terms of special speed and general explosive ability. There is great pressure and great room for improvement in training.

The athlete must do a good job in the training. The warm-up is a necessary link. The high jump pad is a necessary protective tool. In addition, the high jump pad should be of good quality to better protect the athletes. The sport of high jump is very common in our country, and there will be corresponding facilities from primary school to university.

There are many domestic manufacturers of high jump mats at home, but there is still a phenomenon of uneven quality in the selection and purchase.

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