Different materials and characteristics of floor mats

- Dec 07, 2017 -

In fact, there are many kinds of materials used to make ground mats, and the products made by them are different in characteristics and so on.

Like polyamide, its wearability is good, easy to clean, but also easy to deform, and easy to produce static electricity, meet the fire will dissolve. Acrylic fiber is soft, warm, good elasticity, soft texture, soft color, not easy to drop hair, but water absorbability is not strong, wear resistance is poor. The wear resistance of polyester and nylon after, heat and light fastness; fourth is it polypropylene, lightweight, good elasticity, high strength, abundant raw materials, good wear resistance, and the price is low. Lijia absorbent cotton material, plastic material, can do three-dimensional design of different changes, and convenient cleaning. The tactile feeling of the superfine fiber is more soft than the pure cotton, the fiber density is very small, it is not easy to adhere to dirty, and it is more convenient to maintain and clean.

Rubber mat and flocking material, not only has good drainage, fast, and tough, durable, beautiful appearance, long service life. So the material for making ground mats is very much, and they all have their own characteristics, which will produce different use effect.

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