Characteristics of EVA foam cotton

- Dec 07, 2017 -

EVA (Chinese: poly - ethyl acetate or foam):

Sensory identification: surface is soft, stretching and toughness is stronger than LDPE, hand feel sticky (but no glue), white, transparent, high transparency, sense and feel is very similar to PVC film, attention should be paid to distinguish.

EVA foam is used for interlayer and bottom, so that the soft bag is easy to support or protect the goods in the body.

Foam EVA, elasticity is not easy to deform, in degree to determine its soft hardness, degree increase, hard to strengthen, commonly used

(1). The commonly used high foamed EVA is about 28 degrees (generally used to protect the lighter products).

(2). The common use of EVA at 35-40 degrees (usually using the EVA pads to prevent skidding)

(3).50-55 degree EVA (usually used in packaging hardware products to play a trial and fall protection)

For example, it is used in the cushion, strong impact resistance, comfortable wearing, and has a strong protective effect. The thickness of the protective pad is 17 centimeters, and the thickness of the hot press (finished product) is 14--16MM.

  • MMA Wall Padding
  • Folding Fitness Mats
  • Wall Sticker Décor
  • MMA Cage Background
  • Boxing Ring Background
  • Training Dummy Bjj

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