Landing Crash Mats

Landing Crash mats Qingdao sanhong Landing Crash mats Internal filling high strength sponge, used for a long time not collapsed, PVC leather surface enhanced surface wear resistance, ensuring sustainable use,easily clean and maintenance, Reinforced double nylon stitched seams and webbing handles...

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Landing Crash mats

Our landing pads provide the peace of mind for new gymnastics and martial arts moves. This crash pad is made from durable vinyl-wrapped compression foam for superior cushioning. You will find that the mesh on either side of the mat allows the air to escape immediately upon impact and further absorb the landing. These cheering leading mats are 100% non-toxic and child-safe, making them ideal for residential or commercial use.

Our landing pads have been used as gym mats, cheerleading mats, crash pads, martial arts mats, game mats, racing mats, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mats, children's play mats, wrestling mats, skill mats, judo mats.

This high quality closed cell foam is the industry standard for competitive gymnastics. Closed cell foam will last longer than standard open cell foams sold in many other mats.

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Materials: PVC LEATHUR (VINYL) Cover +SPONGE(XPE)Foam;


Packing: CARTON

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