Roll Out Mma Mats

Roll Out Mma Mats

roll out mma mats is made by high quality material XPE foam and have factory price.

Product Details

roll out mma mats

QINGDAO SANHONG strength manufacturers, professional and exquisite, sports mats, sufficient raw materials, rest assured that the order can be customized according to the customers needs, high-precision technology to ensure that the sports mats in the production process does not deform, so that the sports mats can be easily rolled up and packing. The preferred product material, carpet surface and PVC Vinyl surface two kinds of leather surface can be customized, flexible narrow collection space: the use of advanced; durable thermal composite film technology of leather, carpet surface and bonded XPE foam firmly together, never separated. The production process does not include any glue and formaldehyde, green environmental protection, seamless connection, personalized customization: carpet surface: aerobics, cheerleading, martial arts, special training. PVC leather surface: judo, taekwondo, wrestling, Wushu, MMA, free fight, boxing and so on.

Product detail pics:

PVC Vinyl Wide is 1.48M,long is any according customer needs.

roll mat17.jpg

   Carpet wide is 1.83M,long is any according cutstomer needs.

  roll mat13.jpg

 roll mat76.jpg

 roll mat19.jpg

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